Cow and Organics

It is a common thing that everyone wants to lead a healthy life and there is nothing wrong in it. However, how many are really leading the healthy life. That is because of the lack of understanding in the basic requirements for a healthy life. A few basic needs for anyone to lead a healthy life are unpolluted air, pure water, nutritional food etc.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) research estimation, there are at least three million people, who have been falling ill each year mainly because of the food habits or the food taken by such people. Another important factor that affects the healthy life is people really don’t know how much chemicals and pesticides that are used in the daily life wittingly or unwittingly. Similarly, there is a lack of awareness on drinking unpolluted water. As a result, some people have been taking polluted water.

The modern day farmers preferred to make fast buck of profit and their interest in the usage of chemicals and pesticides is quite understandable. They believe that only then they would be able to get high yield (profit). There has been little care for the citizens health when the farmers look for higher profit.

As a result of using the modern technology in the agriculture also, the casualty is that everything becomes polluted by one or the other way. That is because fertilizers or chemicals spoil the remains of the land, water, air, crops and even mother’s milk a toxic one.

Therefore, it is quite clear that whatever we take as food, be it food or milk or fruits or agricultural products, there remain the chemicals, pesticides, to have a slow poison on human’s health. Also, taking such foods on a day-to-day basis, would lead to cancer and different type of long-term diseases.

That leaves to the people to use cow-based agricultural products to control the situation at least some extent. This will also ensure good food, health and do goseva also. In a nutshell, if we add millet in daily food, then there is good chance of getting good nutrition.

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