Beware! Be Aware!!

Predominantly, India is an agriculture country. Despite an industrialization practiced by the successive States and the Central Governments, still 60 – 70% of the people in India are dependent only on agriculture. As a result, the usage of pesticides and chemicals has increased to take advantage of the modern techniques. However, this created another issue, i.e. how far these chemical are helpful in making the human life healthy. Also, how far this helps agriculturists help in achieving their objectives.

Look at the way the chemical quantities are used currently. For one hectare of agricultural land, about 30 kg of chemicals were used some 30 – 40 years back. However, it is shocking to note the latest statistics that 114 – 120 kgs of chemicals are being used currently for the same one hectare of land. There is no doubt that high quantity of chemicals usage kill insects, but it is also a fact that some of the pests, bacterias, fungus etc, which were considered farmer friendly, are also being killed.

As a fall out of chemical quantities usage, some of the natural foods like vegetables, fruits, and cereals have become poisonous besides making the life of human an unhealthy one. It is also partly because of these, diseases such as Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Infertility, Nerve Weakness, and different kind of cancers were reported at the young age of the human life now-a-days.

There are also some intriguing facts. About two crore metric tonnes or twenty million metric tonnes of insecticides and pesticides were being used in Indian agricultural sector. That included domestic production, as well as, the imported one from foreign nations. This is being viewed as a big financial burden to the country’s economy. That is primarily because the country is importing the chemicals that have been banned in 56 nations in the world some two and half decades ago.

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane or DDT production and the usage was an example. The chemical has been banned in 56 nations some 20 – 25 years ago. However, in India, it is sold for agricultural purposes. This is not the only chemicals. There are others like Lindane, Monocrotophos, Malathion, Hexachloride, Benzene, Chloro Pyrifos and over 780 pesticides, and 216 types of insecticides are being sold in India and also used in agricultural cultivation. In all, over 1,000 poisonous chemicals are being sold in Indian market.

It is a sad fact that India is importing such poisonous pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals from different nations. What is causing more worry is that these chemicals were banned in their nation for agricultural use but are promoted in India. There is also another stunning fact. Following the researches for four decades, scientists from different nations came to a conclusion that out of every 100 litres of chemical usage in the field, only 2 litres help the Indian farmers by killing the insects while 98 litres of chemical usage only helps polluting the environment.

The time has come to get knowledge-base on the usage of chemicals and focus on producing crops, vegetables, and fruits in an organic way from the natural resources.

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